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Davina Combe is a distinctive London based British jewellery brand that is passionate about designing and creating beautiful conteporary jewellery.

Wilbur & Gussie are lucky enough to have been chosen to be part of her 'holiday essentials'.  Davina is using her monogrammed 'Truffle Navy Gold Tweed' to keep all her traveling essentials togehter.

Our 'Truffle' is now 20% off was £235 now £188!!

Truffle Navy Gold Tweed | Wilbur & Gussie Designer Handbags
Designing Jewellery
We are also big fans of her jewellery.  Here is a selection of some of our favourite pieces.
Palermo Earings l Jewellery
Palermo Earings - www.davinacombe.com/shop/palermo-hoops
Davina Combe Jewellery
Amethyst Earings - www.davinacombe.com/shop/silver-amethyst-halo-stud-earrings/

Wilbur & Gussie x
Posted on: 6th February 2018