The National Portrait Gallery

Russia and the Arts: NOW OPEN until 26 June 2016 at the National Portrait Gallery.

In London we are very lucky to have so many free exhibitions at our finger tips however, this one you do have to buy tickets (it is advised to buy in advance) however, we think it is well worth it.  We were organised enough to get down and see this exhibition last weekend.  Russia and the Arts is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see masterpieces from the State Tretyakov Gallery.  When you are there as well we would suggest heading up stairs in the main gallery and having a look at the Tudors - the clothes are beautiful!!!

"The exhibition focuses on the great writers, artists, actors, composers and patrons whose achievements helped develop an extraordinary and rich cultural scene in Russia between 1867 and 1914.Russia and the Arts

The exhibition also shows how Russian art was developing a new self-confidence, with penetrating early Realism later complemented by the brighter hues of Russian Impressionism and the bold, faceted forms of Cubism." The National Portrait Gallery.

We were a step ahead of the game and had our city collection last season, however, if you are quick we do still have a few remaining Charlie Russian Dolls in our sale with a 50% discount - 

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Wilbur & Gussie x
Posted on: 24th March 2016