Terry De Havilland

We are very excited that Terry de Havilland, the iconic British shoe designer is opening a pop up shop in Carnaby Street, London.  The shop will open in April and will remain open till mid July.

"It's been over 30 years since I last had a flagship store and I can't wait to show it off," the 74-year-old de Havilland told Vogue.com.
They will be selling a range of styles from throughout his 60 year career so there will definitely be something for everyone!   Currently the studio is making shoes in East London for fans such as Pixie Geldof, Kate Moss, David Bowie, Bianca Jagger and Cara Delevingne.

"It's difficult to re-break a brand, but with the shop we're going to try, because without a shop, where are you? It feels like the right time to return," de Havilland says. "That 70s depression is back; everything's 50 shades of bloody grey. We need colour. We need an antidote to this weather, to this attitude. Yeah, it feels right. It feels right."

The Terry de Havilland shop is now open in London - 8 Ganton Street, London W1.  They also have an online shop to view this visit here - www.tdhcouture.com.


Wilbur & Gussie x
Posted on: 17th March 2014